Joburg City Council uses Pikitup as the refuse removal and recycling provider. Refuse is collected on Wednesdays. Please do not leave your wheelie bin out days before or after collection day. We pride ourselves on having a pleasant environment for all who live here and bins left out for days on end are simply an eyesore.

Wheelie bins must be placed on the pavement outside your property. If you live on a panhandle your bin must be tidily placed on your front neighbour’s pavement and removed as soon as it is emptied. Please do not place your bins in the road as this obstructs traffic.

Recycling is collected separately on the same day and the specially provided bags are placed alongside the wheelie bin. Please consider the environment and do not put recyclables into your wheelie bin. If you do not have any bags, please contact Pikitup or get them from the driver of the recycling pickup.