Who manages the running of the Estate?2018-06-10T11:27:37+02:00

The day to day running of the Estate is carried out by the Estate Management team and the strategic planning is done in consultation with the Trustees of THOA – Thornhill Home Owners Association.

There are currently six Trustees who hold executive positions and are elected annually at the AGM. For more on the Trustees click here.

The THOA Management team are available Monday to Thursday 08h00 to 17h00; Friday 08h00 to 16h00. The offices are adjacent to the main gate.
Tel: 011 608 0835 (office hours)
Tel: 011 608 4361 (after hours)
Email: admin@thoa.co.za

REPORTING OF INCIDENTS: All telephonic reports should be made to the Estate Management during office hours or at the Main Gate (tel: 011 608 4361) which is manned on a 24/7 basis.

Who is liable for payment of the Estate levy?2015-07-13T18:22:17+02:00

Individual owners are liable for levy payments from the date on which transfer takes place. The levy year runs from the beginning of March to the end of February the following year. All levy increases are decided at the AGM which is usually held in August. Any approved increases come into effect the following March and any special levies are required to be approved either at the AGM or at a specifically convened EGM.

It is the responsibility of the seller and the buyer to inform THOA of any change of ownership so that account details can be updated with the Management agents.

For enquiries about the levy charges, please email admin@thoa.co.za.

How secure is the estate?2018-06-10T11:27:37+02:00

Security is of the utmost importance to the Thornhill Home Owners Association and this requires the co-operation from all residents and visitors to ensure that security rules and regulations are effective. For more on Security, click here.


All telephonic reports should be made through the Estate Management telephone numbers:

  • THOA Estate Office 011 608 0835
  • Main Gate 011 608 4361

The Main Gate telephone is manned on a 24/7 basis, but the Estate Office telephone is only manned during office hours.

Who can help me with my THOA levy & account queries?2018-06-10T11:27:37+02:00


Are pets allowed?2015-07-13T17:56:39+02:00

Yes, owners are allowed two dogs and two cats each. However, in The Cottages only two small animals are allowed.

Who do I call if my refuse or recycling is not collected?2015-07-13T21:33:51+02:00

Pikitup at City of Joburg
Call Centre numbers: 0860 562 874 / 011 375 5555

Please ensure that you get a reference number

During what hours are contractors allowed to work on the Estate?2018-06-10T11:27:37+02:00

Monday to Friday 07:00 – 18:00 excluding public holidays

Saturday 07:00 – 13:00

Deliveries from suppliers must be scheduled during the following times:

Monday to Friday 07:00 – 16:00

Saturday 07:00 – 12:00

Vehicles must be off site by:

Monday to Friday 18:00

Saturday 13:00

During the builders’ holiday in December (dates vary from year to year) no construction is allowed and all construction sites must be tidied before the start of the holidays.

For more information on Contractors click here.

When is household refuse & recycling day, and where do I leave my refuse?2015-07-12T17:28:23+02:00

Joburg City Council uses Pikitup as the refuse removal and recycling provider. Refuse is collected on Wednesdays. Please do not leave your wheelie bin out days before or after collection day. We pride ourselves on having a pleasant environment for all who live here and bins left out for days on end are simply an eyesore.

Wheelie bins must be placed on the pavement outside your property. If you live on a panhandle your bin must be tidily placed on your front neighbour’s pavement and removed as soon as it is emptied. Please do not place your bins in the road as this obstructs traffic.

Recycling is collected separately on the same day and the specially provided bags are placed alongside the wheelie bin. Please consider the environment and do not put recyclables into your wheelie bin. If you do not have any bags, please contact Pikitup or get them from the driver of the recycling pickup.

I am having building alterations done. What do contractors have to do?2018-06-10T11:27:37+02:00

All contractors must abide by the Conduct Rules and also register to work on the Estate. Click here for all the information required.

Are construction workers permitted to stay on site overnight?2018-06-10T11:27:37+02:00

No. All contractors enter and exit via the Main Gate. They are registered and issued with a security access permission that is monitored on the security system and all contractors are required to leave at the end of every day. Click here for more information and to download the contractor’s registration form.

Do I need plans for alterations/additions or to build a swimming pool/wall/lapa?2018-06-10T11:27:37+02:00

Yes. All of the above fall under the same regulations as any other building operations and require plan approval from both Joburg City Council and THOA. Four formal colour sets of plans and one normal set should be submitted to the THOA for approval, prior to submission to Council.  For more information on building regulations click here.

I would like to paint my house. What colours can I use?2015-07-13T21:22:39+02:00

THOA have a paint colour chart that can be viewed at the THOA office.

Can I use the community centre for my private function?2015-07-20T20:38:10+02:00

The community centre may be hired by residents for private functions. Please contact the office to find out if your desired date is available. There is a deposit and hire fee payable in order to confirm your booking. Click here for the fees, terms and conditions of hire and to download the Hire of Community Centre form.

Who may use the swimming pools?2018-06-10T11:27:37+02:00

Use of the Estate swimming pools is restricted to Thornhill Estate residents (and their guests) only and is entirely at your own risk. Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. No dogs, glass containers or inflatable apparatus – including boogie boards – are permitted within the pool area.

Can I picnic in the parks?2015-07-12T17:11:22+02:00

Yes, all recreational facilities are for the use of all owners, residents and tenants, as well as their accompanying guests. In the spirit of good neighbourliness, please leave the facility in the condition you would like to find it and clean up all litter before you leave.

Please note that private residences in the vicinity of any recreational area should be treated with respect and consideration and disturbance of any kind is not allowed.

Use of playground equipment is strictly at own risk and parents must ensure that their children are supervised while playing in these areas.

The fingerprint reader makes access too slow and I would rather have an access card. Why can’t I have one?2018-06-10T11:27:37+02:00

At peak times it may take a little longer to enter or exit the Estate with the fingerprint reader, but we ask you to be patient in the interests of your own safety and the security of everyone  living here. The biometric fingerprint system has been found to offer the most reliable access security, as cards can easily be stolen, lost or misplaced. Only those people whose fingerprints can genuinely not be read by the system will be provided with cards. Once a card has been issued, that person’s fingerprints will be deactivated on the system and they will no longer be able to gain access using this method.

My fingerprints don’t work on the access system. What can I do?2018-06-10T11:27:37+02:00

Some older residents cannot get their fingerprints to register on the fingerprint readers at the booms so they are issued with free access cards. Please contact the office regarding this matter. Once a card has been issued, that person’s fingerprints will be deactivated on the system and they will no longer be able to gain access to the Estate using this method.  There is a replacement cost of R150.00 should the card be lost or damaged.

How do domestic helpers and gardeners gain access to the Estate?2015-07-13T21:49:08+02:00

All employees must be registered on the security access system. You will need to visit the Estate Management office together with your employee to provide your details and address; employees will be required to bring an ID document with them. Please notify the office of any changes in status, ie should any employee leave and/or be replaced.

If your employee also works for someone else on the Estate they will need to be registered by each employer separately.

I gave my home/garden help some items to take home and they were stopped by security from taking them out of the Estate. Why is this?2018-06-10T11:27:37+02:00

This is a measure that has been put in place to protect your property and the Estate as a whole. Please provide the person with a letter of permission to remove the specified items.

Why is the speed limit 40kph?2015-07-12T17:33:36+02:00

The speed limit is 40kph because the estate is designed for family living. Due to the safe nature of the estate children can ride their bicycles freely around the estate and joggers and walkers are about at all times of the day. We would not like to see anyone injured by speeding and reckless (inconsiderate) drivers and appreciate everyone’s co-operation in this matter.

Which Estate Agents can I contact to sell, purchase or lease a property?2015-07-20T20:30:12+02:00

All estate agents operating in the estate are required to register with THOA. A registration process is required to ensure that the obligation to inform any potential new resident of the THOA Constitution, Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations and the associated addenda is clearly understood and complied with by the agent as a pre-condition of a sale or rental agreement. For the relevant regulation and estate agents registration form, click here.

A list of accredited estate agents is available here.

Why can’t my child drive my car on the estate?2015-07-20T20:23:25+02:00

All roads within the estate are public roads and all national, provincial and municipal traffic laws apply. This also means that no unlicenced (and underaged) drivers are allowed on the roads ie you may not allow your children to drive any vehicle on the estate unless they have an official driver’s licence. Anyone with a valid learner’s licence must be accompanied by a licenced driver.

Why can’t quad bikes be ridden on the Estate?2015-07-20T20:24:41+02:00

All roads within the estate are public roads and all national, provincial and municipal traffic laws apply. This also means that no unlicenced (and underaged) drivers are allowed on the roads ie you may not allow your children to drive any vehicle on the estate unless they have an official driver’s licence. Anyone with a valid learner’s licence must be accompanied by a licenced driver.

Are fireworks allowed within the Estate?2015-07-12T17:35:44+02:00

Definitely not!

My neighbour’s dogs drive me mad with their incessant barking. What can I do?2015-07-12T17:35:44+02:00

Please talk directly to your neighbour about this. Often dogs do not bark when their owners are home, but the minute the owner goes out the dog starts to bark, so that the owner is not aware that their pet is being a nuisance. If you point it out to them in a diplomatic manner, they will in all likelihood try to ameliorate the problem.

If I find a goose on my property, what do I do?2015-07-13T20:55:20+02:00

Smile and say “Boo!” to it.

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