Thornhill Estate is a road closure and not a private estate. As such, we have the advantage of enhanced security and own amenities, such as our pools and parks, but road users are subject to the same road traffic regulations as anywhere else in public areas within South Africa.

THOA was founded under common law principles as an organization not for gain with its own legal persona. As such it is not a Company (not for gain) and holds no Memorandum of Incorporation. It holds its own Constitution and Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations and associated Addenda which are administered by Trustees elected by members at each year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in accordance with the terms of the Constitution.
Every property owner in Thornhill Estate is automatically a member of THOA and this is reflected in the Title deeds of every registered property. As such owners are bound by the Constitution and Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations, which can be found in Conduct Rules on the Living Here page.

There are three other home ownership organisations existing within the Estate:

  • The Villas Home Ownership Association.
  • Oaktree Village Home Ownership Association.
  • The Cottages Home Ownership Association.

These three organisations, although in possession of their own Constitutions and specific rules, fall within the boundaries of Thornhill Estate. All Homeowners of the three mentioned Associations are also automatically members of THOA and enjoy the benefit of the amenities of the Estate. Whilst the Villas and Oaktree Village have similar but subordinate legal persona to THOA, the Cottages are constituted in terms of the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986.