Things you need to know before buying or selling a property


  • An Estate & Rental Agent must be registered by the THOA and the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) prior to conducting any business in Thornhill Estate.
  • No member of the THOA shall be entitled to appoint an estate or rental agent to perform any mandate (SALE OR RENTAL AGREEMENT) or render any services governed by the Estate Agency Affairs Act No. 112 of 1976, as amended, on such members behalf within the Estate unless or until such Agent complies with all requirements of the THOA and is duly registered to operate within the Estate.
  • The THOA requires all agents who wish to conduct business on Thornhill Estate to be registered at the THOA Estate Office and to sign an acknowledgement of these registration rules. Such registration shall be granted at the sole discretion of the THOA, but shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  • Members of the THOA may, themselves, conclude private sales or rental agreements on their own properties, but these members remain bound by all the same conditions, in this document, as do Registered Agents.

Complete information for the registration of estate agents can be found in ADD:006:F – Addendum 6 – Estate Agents Rules and Accreditation.

Estate agents currently registered with THOA